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Notary work is essential to guarantee the authenticity and validity of legal documents, helping to prevent fraud and facilitating legal transactions.

Notaries play a crucial role in many areas, including real estate, business, estate planning, and general legal matters.

They must strictly follow local laws and regulations to ensure the legality of their services.


Document Authentication: A notary verifies the authenticity of documents, such as contracts, wills, powers of attorney, deeds and identification documents, to ensure they are not fraudulent.

Administration of Oaths and Affidavits: Notaries can administer oaths and affidavits, which are used to confirm the veracity of information provided in legal documents.

Signature and Notarial Stamp: Notaries apply their signature and notarial stamp to documents to indicate that they have been properly verified and authenticated.

Witness of Signatures: In some cases, notaries act as impartial witnesses to the signatures of parties involved in a legal agreement.

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