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Insurance coverage

At Tab Solutions Broker, we work with the best insurance companies on the market to protect you and your company. We have more than 50 insurance companies in our portfolio so we can offer you the best quote on the market.

Work Accident Insurance

(Work's Compensation)

If you have at least 1 subcontractor or 1 employee you need to take out Work's Compensation, it helps you prevent future expenses in the event of accidents involving your employee or helper.

Commercial vehicle insurance

Do you use your car at your company, for work or for applications? You need to have the correct Insurance, because in the event of accidents, if you do not have the correct Insurance, you and your business will not be covered and the expense will be much higher.


Business insurance

(General Liability-BOP-Property)


Protect your company in the event of lawsuits due to work error, damage to client property, loss of your equipment and much more.

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